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'League of Legends' Player Admits Swatting
Old 05-21-2015
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Default 'League of Legends' Player Admits Swatting

'League of Legends' Player Admits Swatting & Stalking
Multiple Victims in the U.S. & Canada

May 21, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

A Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada teen and League of Legends player has plead guilty to 23 different charges related online stalking, hacking, swatting incidents in the United States and Canada. According to Tricity News, the 17-year-old male, who can't be identified due to his age, plead guilty last week to 23 counts of extortion, public mischief and criminal harassment.

Details of the 17-year-old's campaign of terror were laid out last week by Crown prosecutor Michael Bauer during a sentencing hearing at the at Port Coquitlam provincial court. According to Bauer, the teen targeted female gamers and their parents in British Columbia, Minnesota, Utah, Arizona, Ohio, and California beginning in 2014.

According to what Bauer told the court, the teen would often target fellow League of Legends players and their families when they denied friend requests or he felt slighted by them over some minor offense. He would retaliate, according to Bauer, by shutting down their internet access, posting their personal information online, calling them late at night, or calling the police to call in an imaginary emergency situation.

Bauer laid out a number of incidents, but spent the bulk of his address to the court on one person the teen targeted multiple times - a young woman from Tucson, Arizona who rejected him.

On Sept. 16, 2014, after the target rejected him multiple times, he called the Tucson police claiming that he had shot his parents with an AR-15 rifle, had bombs rigged in the area, and would kill the police if he saw them. On Sept. 21 he did it again to the same target's home and later made a call to police in Phoenix to target her parents' home as well. The teen would later get on Twitter claiming responsibility for the incidents in Arizona, according to Bauer.

Sometime in October the teen sent the same woman a message telling her that he had posted her parentsí credit card information online. Three days later, the teen sent his victim 218 text messages at once. In December the teen hacked into the woman's University of Arizona email and Twitter accounts, according to Bauer. The teen also tweeted out the familiesí personal information, and called companies posing as the womanís father in an attempt to cancel utilities. He also signed the woman up for a pricey phone service that costs $500 a month.

On Dec. 1, 2014, the teen posted an eight-hour live stream of himself tormenting and swatting victims, according to the prosecutor. It was at this point that viewers in the stream began calling police, which ultimately lead to the teen's arrest. During that stream the teen tried to swat a home in Grove City, Ohio, telling local police that he was a retired FBI agent holding five people hostage with an AR-15 rifle and had planted bombs around the home. He demanded a $20,000 ransom.

In Minnesota, the parents of another victim claimed that the teen released personal details online resulting in people across the U.S. trying to open up lines of credit and bank accounts in their names. They claim this ultimately ruined their credit rating.

Sometime in November of 2014, the teen targeted three gamers in Newport Beach, California for declining his Twitter friend requests. The target notified her hometown police after the teen telephoned her home, telling them that she believed she was going to be swatted like other League of Legends players she knew.

In a Utah case, the teen told a police dispatcher that he was at his ex-girlfriend's home and had her family tied up. The police chief went to the target's residence to find the family eating dinner. The teen tried targeting the same location again, which ultimately lead Coquitlam RCMP to his doorstep.

The teen also admitted to police that he called in a bomb threat to the Space Mountain ride in Disneyland two times last year.

On Friday, Judge Patricia Janzen ordered that the teen undergo a second psychiatric evaluation and be held by the crown for 169 days.
A sentencing hearing will be held on June 29.

Source: Tricity News


Ed Note: Another rancid turd floats to the surface of the Swill Pool of borked humanity.


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