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FAKE NEWS - Mainstream Media's Betrayal of Public Trust
Old 03-26-2017
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Default FAKE NEWS - Mainstream Media's Betrayal of Public Trust

FAKE NEWS - Mainstream Media's Betrayal of Public Trust
The New Yellow Journalism

by Ralph F. Mariano - March 26, 2017

From the daily 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm newscasts from each of the MSM's it's become a constant barrage of news with a generous amount of negative bias, sometimes quite subtle but nevertheless, still there.

The Sunday "Meet the" Shows

Sadly, these blubbering bastions of MSM with the sarcastic Walter Cronkite wannabe's making noises but never reaching the pinnacle of Cronkite's trustworthiness and success are in abundance. Politicians like Ryan and McConnell who call themselves legit and honest, in many cases with their masked intentions, leave a great deal to be desired. They are part of these "shows" for only one reason, to get their message out there. Sadly, many viewers are forced to wonder what the "message" is and whether or not they're in collusion with the show hosts.

Each and every honest, legit politician should avoid these shows and simply call Press Conferences to get their message out. Those politicians who do attend these shows as "guests" will soon be discovered for what they really are.

The Show hosts, all of them, are decidedly biased toward the left, the Liberal side of politics. Cronkites they'll NEVER be. Tapper, Dickerson, Stephanopoulos, Todd are IMHO, truly sarcastic charlatans seeking an opening to slay the Conservative Political Scene.

Fox News' Mike Wallace, while an excellent host, has a tendency to drift from time to time into the throes of "investigative, accusatory interrogation" instead of simply bringing out the best of the interviewee. Since the "new" management takeover at Fox News, more of the soft, if not outright, left slant is alarmingly becoming noticeable.

Hollywood & Politics

All that can be said here is those who came out bleating against Trump did nothing but promote him further. Obviously, they forgot that every knock is a boost. Those performers, actors and actresses who expressed their views have every right to do so under the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, many of those tried to take away the rights of others at the same time. Honestly speaking, Hollywood should stick to entertaining. After all, it's what they do best.

About the Election Results

Donald J. Trump brought the GOP (Republican Party) to it's greatest victory in decades. In fact the GOP swept the House and the Senate.

The Democrats on the other hand, were handed a decided defeat and they are showing their hurt every day in any way they can. Thankfully, they cannot do much if any damage legislatively speaking since they have no majority votes.

The GOP on the other hand, has come forward with the typical Washington DC "divided we lose - united we win" scenario. These egoistic members must support the party line if anything is going to be accomplished. Naturally, they must also care for their constituents as they come first.

The big picture is completing the goals to make the USA great again, build the military to contemporary strength and then take it a notch higher, cutting taxes and providing for Social Security.

Cutting taxes believe it or not can provide additional funds if the Flat Tax premise is adopted and the IRS reorganized to achieve the goals of a Flat Tax implementation. Under the present situation, the IRS is far too political and has too many leeches entrenched in its employ.

About Immigration

The travel bans are definitely needed - just look are the crowds of refugees and take note of how many are able-bodied young men as opposed to women and children. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize something is not quite right. There is tow way to go with this problem. A) put these refugee up in their own countries in camps or in Saudi Arabia where they have camps already built to handle thousands of families in air conditioned tents. The USA is not in favor of becoming the Radical Islamist slaughter house Europe has become. Remember, above all else the US Constitution proved for the govt to exercise all efforts to protect the US Citizens form all harm.

The liberals are seeking a cause, an endeavor to create a holocaust in the USA. A series of events to bring down the Republican Administration by whatever means they have. This nonsense must stop. If it does not there is the strong possibility of Marshall Law being called to put an end to the sedition, subterfuge and outright treason. We must, if the Nation is to survive, unify and move forward into the future while making Democracy and the Republic strong than ever before. The "Global Order" premise is a disaster looking for a place and time to begin.

Looking Ahead

President Trump brings fresh new ideas, leadership and a sense of business-like government that in its time will return profits to fund the endeavors of the Administration. It takes only and open minded government and honest to goodness support from the taxpayers and voters.

The USA is the greatest nation on the planet of this there no mistakes or denials. To achieve our greatness and the greatness of our allies we must forge ahead panning and creating a future for everyone.

The UN

the fact is the UN has run its course and is now in decline. It's leadership is corrupt and its governing bodies are firmly divided along the lines of resolute opposition. Nothing of true value Internationally is on the horizon. The UN General assembly is decidedly Antisemitic, looking constantly to find ways and means to thwart anything positive for Israel. UN members in African nations have accused of horrible behavior, black marketing and other crimes against the downtrodden. Enough is enough.

The USA should lead the way in the dissolution of the UN and as many have asked, convert the building into either a VA Hospital or a Temporary residence for homeless Veterans.

In closing, these times have presented many opportunities for a positive future but only if... the negative undercurrents coming from Mainstream Media and Politicians playing up to feed their personal egos comes to an end.

Comments Welcome..


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