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Obama & Democrats Betraying Israel
Old 03-18-2015
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Default Obama & Democrats Betraying Israel

Is History on the Verge
Of Repeating Itself?

by RFMariano - March 18, 2015

Why is Israel being setup as a sacrificial lamb in the Mideast?

The elections are barely over in Israel and the Democrats, in general and the fools in the Whitehouse are busy chiding, undermining and generally bad-mouthing Netanyahu's victory because he refuses to recognize a Palestinian State.

Netanyahu has had to endure attacks from all sides in recent months because of his stance in protecting the Israelis from incessant rocket attacks, subterfuge and recently, the undermining of his campaign for re-election. He is however, doing the right thing in protecting Israeli sovereignty while being constantly threatened with total annihilation.

The Democrats in the Whitehouse have found the need to chide, denigrate and otherwise minimize the elegant victory Netanyahu garnered in the recent Israeli elections.

Why are the Democrats acting so... arrogantly? Because BiBi doesn't "toe the line" for Obama? I say good! For if he had toed the line..... Israel would be in dire danger.

Obama has added insult injury by having both Iran and the HAMAS removed from the International Terrorist List. Why? To obtain a half-assed Nuclear agreement with Iran. Iran has killed as many Americans as have the Al-Qaeda & Taliban yet the three stooges in the Administration; Obama, Kerry and Rice see fit to kiss Iran's ass and spurn Israel? They're playing with fire. Fire that will burn both the USA and Israel.

With the 2016 election coming up in the USA, one would wonder why the Democrats are so busy committing political suicide.

Obama is busy stabbing Israel and Netanyahu in the back and the majority of pin-headed Democrats in Congress remain silent. Where is the normally outspoken, attention grabbing Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)? Is he too suffering from lockjaw? Obviously, the Jewish Democrats already know they are out in 2016 or they'd be fighting for justice for the USA and Israel. The Jewish/American Voters have seen and heard enough.

Sadly much of today's youthful voters have been misled by their liberal college professors and this current administration. Truth is, Israel has been fighting for its very survival since the end of WW2. Of course, dare I mention the Holocaust? In today's society, its seems its almost in vogue to play down the horror of the holocaust and dismiss the Jews as anything but human.

This vicious trend, in both Govt and society, toward a revival of Anti-Semitism must cease!

Obama and his administration are blindly charging down the wrong path attempting to obtain peace and security from nuclear proliferation in the Mid-Eastby both appeasing Iran and shunning Israel.

Unfortunately, while they're so busy paying attention in the Mideast, Iran has secured solid footholds in South America in Bolivia and Venezuela. Expect to see Nuclear installations in both countries. Then when Iran backs down in the Mideast.... the USA will have to contend with Iranian Nuclear power a few miles away.

Obama is going to leave the USA and her allies in tatters if he is not stopped. Congress must wake up and reign this fool in.


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