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Times are A-Changin'!
Old 11-01-2012
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Default Times are A-Changin'!

The Times - They are A-Changin'!

Editorial, November 01, 2012
by RFMariano

PC Computing and especially online gaming and entertainment is changing - radically.

In this rapidly changing day and age, the main thing all publishers and developers are in pursuit of are profits. Oddly, quality has taken a back seat to this aggressive pursuit. Game Software is now often released still incomplete for only one reason "to beat the other guy to market". How shallow is that? Well, considering the consumer abuse involved, the future may well hold a legislative and regulatory involvement in the industry the likes of which is unheard of. Far too often we see extensive "day one patches" and a successive procession of patches rapidly following release. This practice is not only wrong, its unethical.

Many Publishers and Developers seem to be under the impression that once they achieve a certain level of product popularity, they can do no wrong. That perception has been the downfall of many of their predecessors. In many and varied fields of endeavor. One would think they would learn for experience but they don't. They know it all, have it all figured out and feel they can make no mistakes. How wrong they are. Dead wrong.

The most important factor for any Publisher/Developer to continually bear in mind is that without the support of consumers - ALL consumers - they have absolutely no reason for being. Relationships must be nurtured and maintained without a dominating "superiority complex" of control and invincibility due to a level of sales successes having been achieved. The Users PAY the bills, make it all happen and they can evaporate in a heartbeat.

A number of reasons are attributable for these reaching changes. All of which are fully under the control of the Publishers/Developers;
  • Profitable enterprises will dominate
  • Monetization through content, gimmick and add-on sales
  • Worldwide Server(s) (soon one server (a dedicated sub-net) for all) for multiplayer use
  • No tools or editors will be allowed
  • All content will be determined by the Publishers/Developers
  • Publishers/Developers want it all their way
Yes, my PC computing and gaming friends, the times are a-changin' perhaps for the better. You see, the large percentage of determining factors for change is adding profitability to an entire enterprise not just divisions supporting internal failing efforts. The bright side of all this is an added although rather obscure benefit for users of the elimination to large degree of cheating and cheat software. Closed software architecture greatly increases security and of course, hammers the slime-balls that create the cheats.

Far to many developers adopt and/or have adopted a "head in the sand" attitude due to the ever increasing costs of fighting cheat software both in time and money.

So, the cheats persist and the developers attempt to "hide" the cheat wares from their userbase. How stupid is that? Well, considering such practices provide the cheat authors a vibrant ready market for the sale of their wares, the symbiotic relationship seems to thrive thus proving just how dumb such a concept is.

All looses are due to developers suffering from the "Canary Syndrome" - a severe case of the cheaps. This of course, brings on the eventual failure of the entire enterprise. That is, unless radical changes are made in both the business plan and its execution. Thus, the radical changes we are witness to.

Publishers and Developers alike must energetically weed out those individuals, both paid and unpaid, within their organizations that impede progress and/or abuse their users if they are to survive. Remember without users, there's absolutely no reason for the existence of the Publishers and Developers.

Windows 8 is on our doorsteps

Yeppers, its here in all its glory. Me? I am going to wait a while for all the nuisances that accompany new OS's to get gone. I know of a number of driver/software app "collisions" already in progress. Within a month or two the critically needed drivers and useful apps will all be updated for Windows 8. But that's only the beginning.

All in One Computers

These "things" seem to be making a comeback with a vengeance. A Touch-Screen vengeance. I, as of yet, cannot imagine a first person shooter performing well using touch screen technology. Can you? I can see its uses but in realty, these all in one machines are not for me.

Desk Tops are best

A desktop computer still reigns as king in my world. A well designed cabinet, ample power supply, top notch motherboard, high speed ram, muscle video card and a true to life sound card or onboard chip married to a large SSD and a 2TB or better backup HD is the new times dream machine.

Then comes the large 32" or larger flat screen monitor or, better yet an HD TV 5ft or better with the desktop computer driving a home theater sound system.

Speaking of Dream Systems... tell us about yours...


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Old 11-01-2012
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Nice write-up Mike. I'd like to add to by saying we are dealing with a dumb lazy generation of gamers these days hence the change in game development and market.

Dumb gamers overpay for products , want games to be easier, want to have their hand held throughout the game, want games to be "dumbed down" without all the confusing options.....oh I meant "steamlined" .

Dumb people don't host servers so they need servers provided for them. Mods and editing tools you say??? Nah....those are for smart engineer types not dumb casual gamers.

I blame the advancement of console gaming for this downfall. Everything these days is based on console first and then the PC.

Welcome to the new world!
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