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GOP Backstabbing & Dirty Tricks ALERT
Old 02-29-2016
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Default GOP Backstabbing & Dirty Tricks ALERT

GOP Backstabbing & Dirty Tricks ALERT

by RFMariano - March 01, 2016

The following appeared in Breitbart news and clearly indicates the current standings in the GOP race.
Donald Trump Crushing Competitors Earns
49 Percent In CNN National Poll
Rubio 16, Cruz 15

A new CNN national poll shows that Donald Trump is pulling away in the national Republican presidential nomination with a stunning 49 percent support.

That’s 33 points above Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) who is in second place with 16 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is in a close third with 15 percent. Ben Carson only has 10 percent while John Kasich has six percent. Trump was at 24 percent in September before his national polling numbers began to rise substantially.

The polling results show that as more Republicans get out of the race, more Republicans are leaning toward Trump for president. Republicans who do not support Trump however, appeared torn whether they would support him if he eventually won the nomination. According to the poll, 52 percent of Republicans said they would likely support Trump if he won — 48 percent indicated that they were unlikely to support him, including 35 percent who said they would “definitely not support” the controversial billionaire.

When asked to choose which candidate was the most honest and trustworthy, 35 percent of Republican voters chose Trump, 22 percent chose Ben Carson, followed by Cruz at 14 percent and Rubio at 13 percent. Kasich only got 9 percent.

The polling result is of 306 registered Republican voters and 121 voters who lean Republican.
What's Going On?

An observation, if the apparent collusion and conspiracy between the Republican Party, the Media, Rubio and Cruz continues, it'll yield only one result. The GOP will lose all respect of the Taxpayers and Voters. The Democratic Party will win hands down and the disenchanted Voters will migrate to the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party has been energized by Donald Trump - its membership enrollments are growing in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, the Republican National Committee Chair, Reinhold Richard "Reince" Priebus (a lawyer) and his subordinates seem to be doing everything in their power to both maintain the status quo and cause Trump's campaign failure through "encouraging" mudslinging and character assassination. It simply put, isn't going to happen, Priebus & Co., have lost sight of the disastrous harm it's causing the GOP, the big picture and the future of this Country.

The Hurtful Betrayal

The Media with its boundless reach and public trust... after all they proclaim to be accurate, fair and balanced, truthful and unbiased. Is that though, really the case?

The three major networks News outlets ABC, NBC & CBS seem to spend inordinate amounts of energy and time magnifying and seemingly gloating on the negativity surrounding Trump rather than trying to balance between the cheap shots and Trump's actual abilities and potential.


There was a time I (personally) followed CNN almost exclusively (especially after Wolf Blitzer's excellent coverage under fire during the Iraqi Conflict) - subsequently, I found myself watching FOXNEWS more than CNN. I especially enjoyed the frequent skewering O'Reilly handed out.

The Epiphany

Once the Presidential Campaigns began.... I noticed that Hillary Clinton's castigation on Fox was just short of an obsession whereas, on CNN she seemingly was regarded as almost "saintly". Being rather disgusted, I was forced to do the fair and balanced routine myself.. I felt I was and am rather successful.

Making the NEWS Instead of Reporting the News

Then to my dismay, something very wrong began to manifest itself at FOXNEWS. As soon as Trump became somewhat flippant during the first Fox GOP Debate, because he felt he was being unfairly singled out by Megyn Kelly, (I drew the very same conclusion), all hell broke loose. Fox has since seemingly become Trump's arch-enemy. Every show of Kelly's has been overly critical of if not hunting for cause to do Trump harm. This is wrong.

On the other hand, CNN has risen to being far more fair and balanced.

The Backstabbing is Front & Center

Benjamin Eric "Ben" Sasse is a little known, backstabbing, self aggrandizing politician. Sasse, a member of the Republican Party, is a United States Senator from the state of Nebraska, he has gone on the attack. Personally, I feel he's using his attack on Trump and his Campaign as a platform to gain publicity for himself.

Of course, there are others but Sasse is the most overt. Many are secretly whispering their uneasiness with Trump. Ever so typical of cowards who fear their future for their actions of today.

The Voters Rule

The media and the GOP seem to have either forgotten the power of the voters or simply don't care. They're possibly concluding the voters are truly sheeple to be led in any direction desired. Lord knows, they're trying to do so.

The Media and the Republican/Democrat Parties are in for a RUDE Awakening. The Voters and Taxpayers of this Country still rule the roost. The voters are awakened and will prevail despite all the pressure exerted by those who wish to influence the Election's result.

Believe this, its only March, we have to persevere until November.... but the real circus and treachery is yet to come. Between now and the General Election the real and genuine threats to both the USA and the Republican Party will surface. Most likely via GOP backroom deals and betrayals being exposed.

Comments Welcome..



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