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Plans For 1.06 - Coming Later This Month
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Default Plans For 1.06 - Coming Later This Month

Plans For 1.06 - Coming Later This Month

Hello everyone!

We want to cover some of the current plans for the upcoming 1.06 update (currently available in test on the Community Test Branch). This also includes a hotfix (1.05.3) we are currently targeting for this Thursday with several fixes/potential fixes targeting the most common crashes that are being experienced (such as the launch and join map crashes). The teams have been hard at work at making several community focused changes and improvements and we want to take this time to detail those out for you.

First up, the damage model of the player abdomen is being adjusted. This should now reliably allow higher caliber rifle rounds (such as the 7.62x54r) to down a player hit in that area. As part of this, the damage of the mid caliber rounds (such as the 5.56 and 7.62x39) have also been tweaked to keep their gameplay consistent and within expected results (2 shots center mass to down a target).

A related change and player request is the reintroduction of the paper-doll UI element. This will allow players to tell where their player model has been shot.

Another set of changes (and accompanying bug fix) is focused on voice communications and improving players’ ability to tactically interact with each other for improved gameplay.
  • The Commander and Squad Leaders will find a new Command chat channel to interact in, without having to share/clutter a chat with the rest of their team
  • 3D VOIP now defaults to team only (and that setting has been fixed in the config files for servers as well as being exposed in webadmin)
  • All team communication will automatically switch to Proximity Chat if players are in close proximity, and switch back to channel chat (Squad, Team or Command) once a player moves out of “Proximity” range - so you can use “Squad” or “Team” as your default, while the game will switch you to “Proximity” when you are close enough to the other relevant players
  • Proximity Chat also remains its own dedicated chat channel, and players defaulted to Squad chat
We will be continuing to look at further improvements to communication and teamwork systems throughout the year.

Skirmish has also had some additions and changes trialed on the CTB, with a few more to come as we head towards the release of 1.06. The ones already being tested are 2 new skirmish map variants, restricted heavy weapons, new default match sizes (12 and 24), and more are on the way including a switch to a wave based spawn system for the mode. We’ll have at least one more CTB build with these changes to trial with the community as we aim for a full release of this content later this month.

The final major system being worked towards is a Server Queue. Full warning, this may not make it in time for the 1.06 update. Our goal here is that players will be able to queue up to join the server their friends and clanmates are already in. Players who are server members will also be able to skip the queue and jump to the front of the line.

You can find out more about our future plans at the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Roadmap here: http://www.rs2vietnam.com/roadmap


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