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Charlottesville - A Sign of The Times?
Old 08-13-2017
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Default Charlottesville - A Sign of The Times?

Charlottesville - A Sign of The Times?

by RFMariano - August 13, 2017

Prelude; Let's get one thing straight - I condemn the violence on the parts of ALL PARTIES involved.

Further examination of the events leading up to this tragedy are necessary.

Are we headed toward another Civil War?

An original and critical underlying cause exists. Outrageous actions on the part of misguided politicians throughout the South is a plague upon our nation.

Politician's Inflammatory Acts

The failure of Southern Politicians to recognize the fact that Confederate Veterans are just as much AMERICANS as are ALL the citizens of this great country.

Destruction and/or Removal of Confederate Monuments

Herein lies the deep cause of the civil unrest we are witness to today and have been for a while. Politicians are totally confused about patriotism and loyalty.

Yielding to the demands of one faction and offending many others might be politically expedient but none the less, it is insane. It's cowardly and borders on treasonous appeasement.

Leave the monuments remembering the heroic sacrifices made by Veterans of our great Nation from 1776 forward. Veterans of all races and creeds are American Veterans and as such, deserve the respect and admiration of all Americans.


Why were the protesters in Charlotte present to begin with? Simple, straight forward answer; because the cowardly politicians yielded to the easy way out when the demands for the removal of the Robert E. Lee memorial were made.

The weak leaders of Charlotteville wrongly folded to both Political Correctness and Appeasement. Instead, they should've reminded those making the demands that they were both in error and insulting the memories of all Veterans.


All God's human beings are created equal. We must stand united just as we did because of December 06, 1942 and again on September 11, 2001. Except that now, we face a far more deadly and serious situation.

Our Country has been divided by corrupt Politicians, demented ideologies, falsehoods and unreasonable and weak leadership. Politicians who, fearing re-elections are catering, appeasing and pandering to the divided peoples instead of being faithful to their oath of office and defending the US Constitution.

Additionally, we must look to Mainstream Media who, while indirectly guided by crooked politicians, constantly plow false and incendiary propaganda instead of truthful accurate news at the public. This must stop. We cannot rely upon the current spate of Politicians as they are weak wishy-washy powder puffs.

We must call every falsehood and phony story. Much as we have with CNN.

Mainstream Media has done more to divide this country with their false news stories than any ten corrupt politicians.

We as a nation of free peoples, must express our wishes to our politicians and if they fail to respond vote them out.

Yes, my fellow Americans, I blame the corrupt and greedy politicians in our beloved land. Tearing down Statues and Memorials is not the answer. In fact, its the true cause. End that foolishness now.

Our peoples must unite. They must unite because far greater threats to our very existence are looming on the horizon. In reality, we must be united because its the right thing to do. Imagine if you will the example set by our unification.

Our Country is still the greatest Nation in the history of the world. Other nations should learn and benefit by the examples set by the United States of America.


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