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Default Update 1.04 Live

Update 1.04 Live

Yesterday, 10:44 AM

We have just pushed live a required update for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. It includes the following changes:

New Additions

Video - Instanced Rendering
  • After positive community feedback, instanced rendering has been set to ‘on’ by default on compatible graphics cards. You may still disable this setting through the video options if you experience any issues
  • On medium and lower graphics settings, various art assets may display incorrectly - if you are planning on using the experimental ‘Instanced Rendering’ mode, it is highly recommended that you do so on High graphics settings or above.

Please remember to continue reporting your feedback at the following location: http://steamcommunity.com/app/418460/discussions/6/

  • Removed Server Side Hit Detection as an available option. Server Side Hit Detection was causing inconsistent gameplay experiences compared to servers running the default Client Side Hit Detection. We recommend server admins use a generous ping limit on their server if there is concern about high-ping players.

  • Refined MAT-49 recoil and handling: Decreased 9mm variant recoil by 40%, Increased 7.62 MAT-49 recoil by 15%
  • Increased the ‘match end’ bonus from 35 points to 100 - these points will be added to your score regardless of whether or not you won, as long as you finished the match
  • Added a 3-second delay to lowering your weapon when first entering spawn protection
  • Increased the duration of 'pain' effects to 5 seconds

Standardized the ammo resupply timer to 60 seconds for all Resupply Points across all maps

  • Added a directional indicator to the Claymore preview mesh
  • Changed the blood splatter/obliteration gore decal to translucent rather than opaque
  • Replaced the ripped trousers on the ‘vest and pants’ character customization option to distinguish it from the ‘torn pants’ option
  • Tweaked the flat-surface detection for foot placement on animations. This should prevent characters from ‘popping up’ inappropriately on uneven terrain

User Interface
  • Added squad spawn tunnels to the tactical view of the Squad Leader who created them
  • Re-scaled all objective icons to make objective fills smoother
  • When cycling between spectators, the camera now interpolates between players when using the fixed-third person viewing mode


  • Fix for iron sight sway jumping around and glitching on PCs with below average performance
  • Fixed an exploit where Huey pilots could spawn as a co-pilot infinitely until the Huey itself was destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to hold up to 18 rounds for the M79
  • Fixed an issue where newly promoted Northern Squad Leaders would receive an additional pick mattock upon visiting an ammo resupply point
  • Fixed several issues which could cause squad leaders to spawn with multiple pairs of binoculars, or multiple pick mattocks
  • Fixed an issue where changing weapons while aiming down sights would not change the FOV to adjust to the new weapon
  • Fixed an issue where changing to a weapon that is already in ‘iron sights’ would permit the user to ‘jog’ while aiming down sights
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘disarm trap’ prompt would become stuck on the screen, allowing players to disarm traps from inappropriate distances
  • Fixed a legacy issue where players would pull out a second grenade while cooking the first one while running
  • Corrected an issue where players could sometimes switch to the wrong equipment
  • Wounding friendly players no longer causes a team kill penalty when that wounded player disconnects
  • Fixed an issue where the Suppressed XM21 would fire without cycling the ‘bolt’ after reloading the weapon


Song Be
  • Fixed an issue on Territories Song Be where after capping objectives attackers would receive an incorrect warning that they had entered enemy territory

Hue City
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in a broken sidewalk tile on Hue City
  • Added missing out-of-bounds walls and trees on Hue City
  • Players can no longer walk up the tree/bush collision at objective C on Hue City
  • Added a missing street mesh to an out of bounds area on Hue City
  • Fixed an area of stretched texture on the wall of objective C of Hue
  • Fixed an issue on Hue City where pillars at objective F used the wrong material
  • Removed an impassable ‘invisible wall’ from initial US spawn on Hue City

Cu Chi
  • Fixed an issue on Cu Chi where objects previously missing textures on Cu Chi would appear overly shadowed with instanced rendering enabled
  • Fixed an area on Cu Chi where players could mantle through a window in the factory onto a tall blocking volume

  • Removed a blocking volume causing ‘invisible collision’ between objective C and B on Compound

Song Be
  • Fixed a light bleed issue on the ammo hut at objective G on Supremacy Song Be
  • Fixed an issue on Territory Song Be where spawn tunnels and punji traps would appear overly bright
  • Fixed an issue on Territory Song Be where some patches of terrain appeared overly dark

  • Fixed an issue where large black decals would be left when obliterating bodies with instanced rendering turned on
  • Fixed an issue where players in trenches would appear as a floating head and ‘broken’ arms
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a dropped M60 could occasionally cause two weapons to appear in the player’s first-person hands
  • Fixed an issue where the left hand holding the foregrip of the Type 56-I would not reset properly following the spotting animation
  • Fixed an issue where during the spotting animation the Grease Gun’s stock would ‘teleport’ to the folded-out position when using the weapon with the stock collapsed
  • Fixed an issue where C4 would still appear in the player’s hand after throwing, allowing players to detonate C4 without using the clacker
  • Fixed an issue where players’ arms would become ‘stuck’ when throwing a second grenade after throwing the first

  • Fixed an issue where players could be ‘spammed’ with impact sound effects during ‘fade to black’ slow death if other players shot their body
  • Fixed an issue where the announcer used the wrong VO when objectives H and I came under attack

User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where the "Mantle" prompt on the HUD appeared as "Key Not Bound", despite the key actually being bound correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Spawn Queue names would overlap the squad members & Squad Leader list
  • Fixed an issue where player icons would not show on the overhead map
  • Prevented a tool-tip pertaining to US infantry from displaying to NLF and NVA Squad Leaders
  • Fixed an issue where spotted tunnels would persist on the tactical view for up to a minute after the tunnel’s destruction
  • Fixed an issue on the Server Browser where Tooltips overlapped other UI elements
  • Fixed an issue where some tool-tips would appear blank
  • Fixed an issue where the Squad Leader 1 icon would be stuck on the overhead map for the Northern team

  • Improved the game server-side performance in registering new game clients with higher simultaneous player counts
  • EAC Setup: Fixed an UI issue causing the setup window to become blank in certain cases
  • Fixed an extremely rare edge-case that could cause the anti-cheat authentication to timeout for a client under packet loss at specific authentication state
  • Fixed an internal issue affecting the processing of few anti-cheat heuristics
  • Peer-to-Peer: Fixed an issue causing the back-end connection to fail internally at times

Misc. Fixes and Additions
  • Due to an error on our end, there was an issue with stat tracking for ‘shots fired’ with the M1917 revolver. Starting with update 1.04, the ‘shots fired’ count will start tracking correctly. Please note, your 'total' may be unusually high due to shots tracked before the fix. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused

  • Fixed an issue where modders would be unable to add their own character customization

  • Fixed an issue where the Server Browser would display text rather than icons when playing with Russian localization
  • Fixed an issue where some server browser icons were inconsistent with icons displayed for other languages when playing with Russian localization


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